Ancient graphic design (Altamira)


Many of the paintings at Altamira appear to have been airbrushed, a sophisticated technique which may be done as shown. Two hollow bones are used, one set perpendicularly in a container of water and ochre, the other is held in the mouth.

 Made from the tip of a deer horn, with a magnificent stag engraved on it. This was used to straighten either spears or pieces of antler (after heating, or boiling in water) in order to eliminate the natural curve before making the heads of spears or harpoons.

(early graffitti?) The handprint was obtained by smearing ochre and water on the hand, and then pressing it on the wall. Both techniques were widely practiced by ice age hunters.

What is this design appealing to? Ritual symbol which looks like a natural feature of the walls, but was almost certainly known to the painters, and no doubt had great significance. The 'eye' of the face has been outlined in black.
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