1960's and 1970's (the self-conscious poster)


In the 1960's graphic designers discovered a sense of humor (above Milton Glaser's Dylan)

The 1970's also produced images of rugged male individualism. One of the models for the campaign became a critic of the tobacco industry.

Bill Atherton and Alan Brooking, Campaign for Family Planning late 1960's. Signals at the playful questioning of gender roles.

Underground comix, by R. Crumb above, were in your face, aggressive extensions of cartoon strip conventions. Sexually explicit, sometimes gross, they expressed an attitude of unrepentant disdain for hypocrisy of straight culture of repressions.

Wes Wilson inimitable style (mid 1960's).

William Taubin and Howard Zieff, You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's (1967)
The approach here was to sell rye bread in an era when ethnic food were still foreign to American tastes. Each photo showed a charming individual smiling at the pleasure of eating something surprisingly delicious.
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