Chen Shaohua


Chen Shaohua is one of the most representative designers in China today. Since he enrolled at the Xi'an Fine Art Academy in 1972, he has participated and led almost all the development and reform of graphic design in modern China. As the earliest professional designer, Chen Shaohua opened the first private commercial design studio in Shenzhen in southern China. Before this career, he worked on exhibitions, advertising and movie graphics. In 1978 he entered the Central Art and Design Academy of Beijing to study traditional Chinese decorative art.

After graduation he went back to Xi'an Fine Art Academy to teach and research modern graphic design, and he now trains many graphic designers, who are now the majority group in the field of modem Chinese design.

As the first teacher to advocate reform of design education in China, Chen provided Beijing's Olympic Candidate City logo in 2000. He is a visiting professor at several universities and his blog is visited every day by thousands of students and designers. He also puts great effort into working for the benefit of all Chinese designers.

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