Isidro Ferrer


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The first clue about Isidro Ferrer is his own personal symbol: a sharpened pencil bound by string to a triangular section of wood. Ferrer's work is full of information often combining found items with simple graphic elements. His solutions are eclectic, whimsical, and diverse. 

Ferrer was born in Madrid in 1963. He first studied dramatic art, graduated from Jacques Lecoq’s School of Mime and Pantomime in Paris but at the age of 25 got into graphic design, inspired foremost by the Spanish designer Peret.  Numerous books are dedicated to his work (nice and big one here), he participates in several exhibitions all over the world (Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Mexico,Buenos Aires,…) and has solo exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and France. He won the National Design Award in 2002.

About Ferrer it is said that he works by "devoration", like the verse making machine imagined by Juan de Mairena: "On one side the world enters and on the other side poetry comes out".

As we come to the end of our Isidro Ferrer weekend, we have for you a special treat: this short story was published in the "Cheval sans tête"-magazine in 1996. This beautiful "revue internationale de création, bande dessinée et illustration" was the flagship title of the French publishing house Amok. Ferrer got published often by Amok and this is one of his most touching stories. As far as I know this is the first time it got translated into English.

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