Jonathan Ellery


Jonathan Ellery's work is characterized by its distinctive britishness. It hints at the heritage of London and stereotypical notions of Britain, while the context suggests something more modern. In 2001 Ellery designed the book Coney Island, featuring the photopgraphy of Bruce Gilden, with a typographical language that recalls letterpress posters and ads from carnivals, cruises, and theaters from early Twentieth-Century.
Ellery's 136 Points of Reference examines influence through 136 objects from various collections.These points of reference range from books, to a license plate and from manhole covers, to a photo of Bruce Gilden (not a photo by Bruce Gilden but a photo of Bruce Gilden). The book shows that Ellery has great design taste and finds fine examples in the most unexpected places. By featuring them inside a book and outside of the real world, he holds these objects up for close inspection and reveals both their beauty and hidden poetry (from
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