Declaring Grade 7 Done


The increased number of appointments for learning disability stuff for my older son in the last month has taken my time and attention away from my younger son.

Younger son is doing radical unschooling with the exception of math right now.

I am declaring that he is finished for the year except for math, which will continue all summer. In the very busy time with the former not-a-co-op in the fall semester doing 40+ hours of direct schooling plus 8 hours in class he had no time for math.

On the purely interest-led learning end of things he has spent some of his saved money on a professional microphone and mic stand in order to enhance the quality of his recordings to be used to make videos that he posts on YouTube. He really enjoys this. While I think it is weird or silly, I am not going to rain on his parade and am letting him do what he wants with it.

Next week he turns 13. There are slacker signs, or maybe it is just burnout, I don't know. He's getting a bit fresh. He has been growing and he needs more sleep lately. Funny how you notice the developmental signs more easily with the second child. You know what to look for.
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