Homeschool Teen's Jet Engine


When I moved to that Connecticut town in Fairfield County when my boys were one and three, the first local homeschool Mom I met was the mother of this kid. Her second child, a son, Chris Tomko, is one year older than my oldest son. She held homeschool support group meetings in her home during the daytime. I attended and the kids would all play happily while the moms networked and shared and supported each other. Those were some good times.

It was through this group that I met some women using the classical education style of homeschooling a la The Well Trained Mind, which formulated further friendships in another homeschool support group.

At some point the meetings stopped and this nice mom was focused on homeschooling her children and helping run the family business.

Then they popped back on our radar when my older was in 8th grade. This boy joined in and did the bridge engineering project for Science Olympiad, and a model airplane, rubber band wound thing which won them the gold in the Connecticut state competition. They also then were in a not-a-homeschool-co-op with us and the boys became friends again.

So here is the boy, who we are out of touch with now since we moved to Texas. These are the kind of good people that when we see them again, we will pick up right where we left off.

This mom's oldest just finished her freshman year at WPI doing a robotics engineering major. She had worked on Science Olympiad and FIRST Robotics in her high school years. This kid wants to be an engineer of some kind. The father and mother are both engineer majors. STEM runs in the family, I think.

Anyhow, take a look at his jet engine on his website, Tomko Tech. Chris was 16 when he made this jet engine.

Hat Tip: Homeschool Boy Builds a Jet Engine at
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