Homeschool Used Book Sale Outcome


I wound up putting about 14 hours into prep work at home for the used curriculum sale.

I found some books that are out of print that I will list on Amazon as a Marketplace seller.

I dropped my kids off at sport practice then made my way to the sale. I got there 20 minutes before the doors opened to the sellers. It was humid out, not too hot, and by the time I was done moving my boxes to the cart and to the selling spot I was in a sweat. I quickly worked to set up my books because I needed to collect fees from the sellers. I was soaking wet by the time I was done. Half of my hair was soaked. I had to try to dry it with paper towels in the bathroom which was not effective. I looked a mess.

I then ran around trying to collect fees from sellers who often were in transit hauling books. It was a zoo. We had 35 vendors.

Then the customers arrived. It was really busy. I have two photos of the book sale showing how big the sale was and how it was crammed with customers that I would like to share but I just remembered that in order to be a member of this homeschool support group I had to sign a statement that I would never publish any photo on social media of anyone in the group without their explicit granted permission. So much for that idea.

One thing I thought I would definitely resell was Teaching Textbooks 7. It retails for $149 and I wanted $100. Two other vendors had it, one wanted $90. The other left it unpriced. She joked with me that she would sell it for $89.

In preparation for the sale I had a total of 24 boxes of books and that was not counting the Five in a Row books and go-alongs that I had wanted to resell. I contacted Jan Bloom of Books Bloom and asked her if she wanted to buy my Landmarks, Signatures, Messner biographies and All About books (of which I own over 200) and she said yes. We are in negotiation on the price. She will be in my town for a homeschool conference in August as a vendor so this is very convenient for her. So those books did not make it to the sale.

I took in $186 at this sale. I spent only $12. I bought a textbook and two biographies about Texas history. I bought three curriculums for formal logic as I should have my kids learn that. From the free pile I took some brand new portfolio folders, some spiral notebooks, some yellow legal pads. I held myself back because I could have taken a stack of that stuff that was 18 inches high! I resisted and left it for someone else!

In the last 15 minutes of the sale two ladies next to me held up cardboard boxes with "50% off sale" written on the side. Then at the end they turned it to say "Free". Suddenly their booths were crammed.

At the end of the sale people started throwing stuff into the free pile and it was an even bigger feeding frenzy.

I worked to pack up my stuff. As an organizer I wanted to help with clean up even though specific people were there to do that job. I had a hard time finding a cart and finally found two professional employees who had an info booth there in the parking lot having a private chat with the empty cart beside them. I pushed it in then used it. I was the last to get my stuff out. I was again sweaty and exhausted. I also had a sore back from picking up giant plastic bins of books (which I felt were easier to sort through cover facing front) which I had on the floor under my table.

I am disappointed that some of my great stuff did not sell. Who does not want living books recommended in The Well Trained Mind for 50 cents for a paperback or $1 for a hardcover that are in mint condition? Seriously no one wanted the lapbooking instruction books? Oh well.

I am going to drive these books downtown to The Homeschool Store, a new and used curriculum store in downtown Houston. They pay cash for curriculum and educational books.

Anything left over from that will be donated to the library to resell in their resale shop for a fundraiser for Friends of the Library. I should save it for the rowing team tag sale but that is in six months and I don't want this in my garage any longer. I just need this stuff to go away.

Reselling things at the used curriculum sale is worthwhile but it is a heck of a lot of work to prepare for.

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