How Dad Teaching Math Panned Out


I swear I blogged that a few months ago we changed our homeschool method to having my husband teach our older son math. I can't find that post anywhere. I wanted to update you on the status of how it is working out.

The answer is this is not working out very well at all.

My husband realized that it takes a lot of patience to be your child's parent-teacher. I love that he realizes this (even though this is what I have been contending with since this child was born 15.5 years ago, better late than never).

At times my husband works well with our older son. I love that.

My husband does not understand what I learned from working with this son for years about how he works best, that leaving him alone to work is not working, that is why I asked him to work 1:1 with him. I hate that he doubted my recommendation to sit down and do the lesson with him. He would ask him to do independent work alone during the daytime then my husband would complain that he cannot help him at night as he didn't see the material himself. Umm...there was a reason that I said sit with him, watch the lesson together, and catch his errors early, correct the misunderstanding, and move forward in that manner.

The schedule did not work out well and the two of them did not keep up the studies as they needed to. I hate that. The reason is that after my husband has been awake and working 14-15 hours he has little energy or patience left to do Algebra with our son. He also travels on business, or has business dinners, or has one or two weeknight meetings for his board position with our sons' sport team. And Friday nights are never working. Weekends are too irregular and busy to do catch up work then. My son needs daily lessons, he cannot function with just weekend long cram sessions, due to his learning disabilities, he "taps out of energy" and cannot do marathon classes. He needs shorter lessons on a frequent basis to be alert and then to move information from short term memory to long term memory.

So this experiment failed.

Back to the drawing board.
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