Prepping for Used Curriculum Sale


I am co-chair for a used curriculum sale. Truth be told there is little work to be done. We are using a space that someone else has handled renting as a homeschool info night is happening under the same roof.

When we are done using curriculum I put it in a box to be resold. So I had that waiting.

In past decluttering sessions since moving into this house nine months ago I have found other things to let go of and dumped them into a box also.

The other day I went through the homeschool bookshelves and found a bit more to resell. Those contain current books and books I feel we will use in the next two years, so there was not a lot there to get rid of.

I have been pricing the stuff which is a pain in the butt. I have to check prices online since a lot of it is unpriced. I then have to imagine what someone would be willing to pay for it.

I have spent about ten hours in prep and I am sick of it. I feel like I am wasting my time.

Last year I hauled 20 boxes to this sale and only took in $120.

This year as with last I will not have my kids with me to help me haul the stuff. I broke a sweat in the humidity and that was even with volunteer Boy Scouts there helping me move some of the boxes.

To help with setup tonight I am trying to box items by topic, i.e. history, language arts.

Any "regular" books left over from this endeavor I am donating to the library tomorrow morning. I want this stuff out of here.

There have been 15 boxes lining the upstairs hall, these books, and I am sick of looking at them.

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