Quitting Thinkwell Math, I Think


Thinkwell is no longer working out for us. We keep finding that things are tested which were never taught. This same complaint has been discussed a few times on the homeschool high school chat lists, so it is not just our family who is complaining. I do not like the mix of computer based work that is self-grading then more work on worksheets that I have to print off, organize, and then grade myself. We found that when doing only the online lessons, that not enough was learned to be able to pass the chapter tests.

I think we will have to go back to me teaching the math directly using some curriculum that I have not yet selected. I hated what I saw of Video Text but might have to try it. I dread Saxon but it may work. I don't know what to do. I have to figure it out this summer.

While I'm on the topic I will share that Thinkwell Pre-Algebra for grade 7 son is not working out either. He is getting lost with Thinkwell. I cannot jump in the middle to give assistance when I did not teach the content myself when the material has not been looked at in twenty years. That son is also not following the lessons correctly. I hate that Thinkwell lets you go to the next chapter before taking the chapter test. (At least Teaching Textbooks prohibits that.)

For older son he may do math at the community college, that's one option, depending on how his standardized testing for the entrance requirements pans out.

For younger son, I don't know what to do, maybe Saxon Algebra, or a quick go-through of "Key to Algebra" before starting Saxon.
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