Tactics to Get to the Front of Disney Lines Revealed


Article link: Rich Manhattan Moms Hire Handicapped Tour Guides to Bypass Lines

Published in: The New York Post

On: 5/14/13

Letter I sent to New York Post journalist Teri Palmeiri today:

Who is worse than the rich hiring disabled tour guides?

It is the middle class parents who claim fake ADHD or SID or Autism (or exaggerate symptoms) by getting a doctor note so their family gets the handicap pass to get to the front of the lines.

(You can get the pass for young children with noise sensitivities and other vague complaints that can be easily faked. Not everyone claims fraud but some do.)

Are you burying that tidbit or did your research not dig it up yet?

It has been common knowledge on playgrounds for ten years.

Disney is hog tied by long lines that are not all handicap accessible so they put them to the front with wheelchair safe access. Thank the ADA and the federal government for that.

Now that you pointed this out maybe Disney will spend the money to make all the lines accessible and make the disabled wait 2+ hours like the rest of us. And then they will be livid.

Anyhow now most other parks have a special pass that you pay almost $100 a day and go to the front. Even lower middle class people choose to spend their money like that.

And Disney has had a service for families, a backstage tour that includes a Disney guide that takes them to the front of every line. I think that is $1500. Two families I know paid for that. So would you rather make that money Disney or the handicapped tour guide?

Once at Disney our family won a "dream pass" that let us go to the front. It was fantastic, I have to admit.
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