Article Link: Working Memory and the Classroom


Article: Keep It in Mind: Understanding and improving your working memory: Working Memory and the Classroom: Why it is important to assess Working Memory in an educational setting

by: Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD

in: Psychology Today

date: 6/11/12

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"Research to date indicates that teachers’ awareness of working memory deficits in the classroom can still be quite low. In a recent study, the majority of teachers interviewed only picked up early warning signs of working memory failure in their students 25 percent of the time, often thinking that the students were unmotivated or daydreaming instead."

"Once the specific strengths and weaknesses of a student’s working memory profile are known, specific and targeted accommodations can be made to support learning. The aim in supporting students with learning difficulties is not just to help them survive in the classroom, but to thrive as well. Strategies can provide scaffolding and support that will unlock their working memory potential to boost learning.

Recently, there has been an explosion of research investigating the potential benefits of training Working Memory. In a recent study of students with learning difficulties, a computerized working memory training programme ( was found to significantly improve verbal and visual-spatial working memory, IQ scores, as well as language scores as measured by standardized assessments."
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