College Board Accommodations Request Outcome


I shared here that we applied for some accommodations from the College Board for high stakes testing.

My son did get some accommodations granted. Funny they seemed most open to the ADHD requests and the processing speed issue anor hte working memory deficit, because they granted his request for small group testing (not huge classrooms), extra breaks, and for 50% extra time. They granted the request to not use bubbles for the answer grid. We are grateful for those.

I was shocked that they did not approve the request to use a computer for the essay for the SAT or other tests with an essay. They mentioned what tests were acceptable for dysgraphia and I did submit one of those tests. Back at application time I didn't read clearly enough to see that two tests are required.

I had blogged previously that he was on a waiting list for occupational therapy for dysgraphia. An appointment slot opened up and to start the therapy, in May, and at the first consult more testing was required in order to make a plan for the occupational therapy. So my son has already had more testing to diagnose the dysgraphia, by the time I got the letter from the College Board.

The Beery VMI test showed his fine motor skills in two tests rated at age 8 and age 11 (he is aged 15.75 right now).

I am awaiting the official report in writing from the occupational therapist then I will send in these additional tests for more proof of dysgraphia and the disability in written expression. This would apply to the SAT or to AP testing. He probably won't take the SAT until spring of 2014 so there is no rush.

The College Board denied some of the other accommodations for visual issues. I thought the prior diagnosis of visual processing problems would suffice but realized later that (derp) I never submitted written expert's evidence of those. Those are not the most important things anyway, I think I'll let them go, because he'd have to go for new testing to have a current medical evaluation report. We are burned out from seeking consults and therapies, with no fewer than five visits a week, not to mention the many thousands of dollars we have spent out of pocket on evaluations, testing, treatments and therapies.

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