College Placement Test Complete


As per campus rules regarding students under the age of sixteen, I had to stay on campus while my son took his placement test for community college.

It was nerve-wracking.

All I could think about was how I as a homeschooling mother in charge of her son's education, did not do a good enough job doing test prep. My role has been to educate and to help my children learn and succeed. When taking comprehensive tests with a new format, I feel that test prep is necessary and some review is helpful, and would help my son get on the best path to success. For example it said that the test would grill on the different types of pronouns. I don't think we ever got into this much detail and I definitely never required memorizing these terms.

It drove me nuts to realize that my son barely did any test prep. I had first purchased (what we found to be a terrible quality) test prep e-book for $10 and then went in search of a better book, went through multiple library book borrowing sessions, paid late fines for the book's three day checkout time last year, then finally jump through hoops to buy a copy which is available only to educators through the mail (with a check only!) to access a $65 prep book which was barely used. I knew what needed to be done and my son was not doing it. That killed me.

The result of the four tests was:

Reading: at college level
Writing: at college level
Essay: at college level

Math: did not pass as having mastered college level algebra

I was and still am elated that he passed those three tests with high scores, given that he has documented learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing.

My son will take what is basically English Comp 100 this fall. He may take a history course as well. He is unable to take any art classes or much else until he passes the Intro English course. That's fine. He will need to do math classes in order to get to certain level such as passing Trig in order to take physics with lab. That's fine.

Next up is a meeting with the dual credit admissions counselor and registering for classes.

I can't believe my son has grown up and is taking these steps. He is truly a young man now.

Studying chemistry e-flash cards on the Kindle Fire.

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