Every Day in Tuscany Book Review by ChristineMM


Title: Every Day in Tuscany: Seasons of an Italian Life

Author: Frances Mayes

Publication: Broadway Books, 2010

Genre: Memoir

Summary Statement: Nowhere Near as Good as Under the Tuscan Sun

My Star Rating:
3 stars out of 5 = It’s Okay

Frances Mayes is a gifted writer, a person who is highly sensitive and aware of the world around her. Her heightened powers of observation and her ability to feel deeply are what makes her writings so descriptive and enticing, and enjoyable to the reader.

I read Under the Tuscan Sun and thoroughly enjoyed it. I later saw the movie and hated the movie.

I was looking forward to reading anything else she wrote but when I began this I thought it was mediocre. In chapter three I was completely turned off by the boring account of viewing historical art that I shelved the book for two years. I then picked it up again, could not get through that chapter, and left it alone for another entire year. I decided to push through and read the whole book in order to come to some conclusion and write this review.

I was happy to see that the book picked up once that chapter three was over but the book is just mediocre. As Mayes describes, she chose to write this to remember her experiences and to document her memories. The chapters are unconnected to each other. This is a hodge podge, a jumble of stories and experiences. The only unifying theme is food is discussed then recipes are shared throughout the book.

I was disappointed in this book, which did not hold my interest. I rate this book 3 stars = It's Okay.

Disclosure: I received an advance reader's copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing it on Amazon.com for the Vine program. I was under no obligation to review it favorably or to blog the review. I was not paid to do this.

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