High School Courses Done in Junior High Count


I had an ah-ha moment when reading some ebooks by Lee Binz recently: Delight-Directed Learning and Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child.

I remembered that my older son did do some high school level academic work in grades 7 and 8. In thinking about the NCAA's requirement for what must be done between grades 9-12, with incomplete information, I have been focusing just on what happened in the calendar years that began in my older son's 9th grade year.

Last month I heard a lecture about NCAA compliance and eligibility with their clearinghouse and learned that high school level work done in junior high does indeed count toward the NCAA GPA and their core requirements.

I can't believe I was being so rigid and intense to have blocked out the work my son did in those other two years.


In co-op A, he had taken an English literature course for a full credit, in grade eight, Hero's Journey.

Conceptual Physics:

In co-op C he did work on conceptual physics using a popular textbook and we supplemented at home using another text and trade paperback books on conceptual physics. That was the year he and his friend won the gold medal in the state at the Science Olympiad for optics (physics) and in which he learned some trig equations, in grade eight. He did a semester of hands on physics in co-op A with a paid teacher with a master's in education and majors in astronomy and physics at a co-op. I will count this as one half credit in science.


He also did a time intensive astronomy course with lecture and observation at the home of a homeschool father then took a semester long astronomy course at co-op A, taught by the same teacher who he did the hands-on physics course with (an astronomy major and a certified teacher). He had additional time in an observatory with that teacher. One night his group confirmed the location of a suspected star and they were published in some astronomy star guide (something over my head)! Our family also had multiple field trips to planetariums including the small one in Bridgeport, CT, the Museum of Science in Boston and multiple visits to the Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. The hours he clocked justify one credit of high school science.


In grade 8 he did a biology with lab course at co-op B. He did home study of biology in grade 9 with a textbook. He plans to finish that course this summer. I have hired a bio-chemist who is now a college professor to oversee his studies.

I feel so stupid to have been worried of reduced coursework in the calendar years for grade 9 and 10 due to medical issues when in fact he did some credits in grade 7 and 8.

I am a perfectionist and a rule follower. I don't like to bend rules. My rigidity in that area and my intensity to do a thing completely sometimes backfires when I realize that I am not giving my kids enough credit for the legitimate work they did do. What an idiot I am.

I am off to rewrite the transcript. This summer I will flesh out the course descriptions and see that the book list is complete.

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