Is Preschool Necessary at Age 3?


A question was posed if preschool is necessary for a three year old, when it is a two hour preschool, and when the mom would have to drive one hour each way.

Here is my reply:

In my opinion, private preschool is not much more than a for-fee playdate. Involved mothers who care do a great job raising their kids and also doing what you do when you avoid using preschool. If it were a short drive and you had the disposable income, fine, but an hour each way for a 2 hour preschool, forget it.

My kids did not go to preschool and they had great lives. I homeschool, but a couple of my friends did not use preschool and their children got big compliments from the Kindergarten teachers, who said that the at-home mother's kids are apparent compared to daycare full time kids. And they didn't have any problem having skipped preschool at 2, 3, or 4.

I don't think preschool is necessary to teach kids to respect the authority of an adult. If they respect you, and you respect others (modeling) then they will do the same with others. In fact, kids often will behave better with other adults and act worse with their own parents, so, you will be fine.
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