Older Son is Homeschooling Through This Summer


My older son has some unfinished courses. He has decided, on his own, to homeschool through the summer in order to catch up.

I offered to extend his high school education to five years so he can go at a leisurely pace but he is adamant about not staying back.

He has had almost 100 medical appointments for neurofeedback in the last 18 months which take a half day to attend. That is a lot of time missed from schoolwork. The therapy saps his brain of energy and he cannot do schoolwork for the rest of that day.

I have recovered from former homeschool burnout. With that said I do need some breaks and since my son so far has not been able to work all by himself that means my summer is now going to be business as homeschool usual with the exception that the younger son will probably be playing video games every waking hour by himself so I don't have him to contend with for homeschooling in the summer.

I also need time to plan next year's courses for both kids.

As I write this the older son is already hard at work and so we are in the new summer groove. We recovered from the spring semester and adjusted to what life was like when the classes ended. Now we have a new routine and we are in the swing. It is not going as smoothly as I would ideally like and to address that we are making a change which will be blogged later when I know how it pans out. It's too early to discuss it right now.
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