Requested Accommodations from the College Board


I swear I blogged this already but can't find the post so, here goes.

The educational testing report was given shortly before the deadline to request accommodations for the June testing that my son was taking. I have never dealt with this before. I had to rush the get the paperwork prepared and even had to use FedEx overnight to get it there on time.

I was not sure what to ask for. I got advice from the tester. I read every link in this blog post.

I am not going to list everything we asked for here. I thought maybe some of it was overkill but it was a fast decision and I felt it was better safe than sorry and asked for what I thought was the max. However, he probably would have been approved for 100% extra time but we only asked for 50% because the idea of spreading the SAT into two days and also finding a testing center near us that would give that rare accommodation seemed too much a bother.

They don't tell you exactly what tests they want for each accommodation so I wasn't sure if the testing we had in hand was enough to justify some of our requests. For example dysgraphia is not on this list. Dysgraphia is a written language expression disability (although its roots are a processing issue). Although at first I was confused by this page: this page I now see that they require two different kinds of testing for dysgraphia to evaluate for the use of a computer for the essay. At the time that I had to submit the accommodations request my son was still on a waiting list for an OT eval so we only had one of the two required tests.

You can read about the accommodations from the College Board website here and here. Here is one more about "other accommodations".

If a student is in school the school staff processes the accommodations request. As a homeschooler I had to submit the request as I am considered the school. However I lack training and experience, so this was like finding my way in the dark.

I will let you know how it pans out.
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