Son Started OT for Dysgraphia


As I shared previously, my older son had been put on a waiting list for occupational therapy.

The day finally arrived. Day one included an intake interview and review of a long questionnaire. Then the therapist did a test that took almost an hour.

The second visit included a meeting with me to review the test results. My son is 15.75 years old and he tested the two fine motor skills tests at age 8 and 11. The visual spatial test (shape matching) tested at age 15. See, this issue was not in my head, he struggles to write by hand.

On this visit I was disappointed because the OT said she rarely works with teens. She said she didn't know what to do. She suggested he use Dragon Speak Naturally which we already were counseled to buy and use, and we did buy it, as I blogged here.

She said he should learn the proper way to keyboard and I said I have the software and make him use it, especially since December. I explained that he resists it and prefers to hunt and peck. She said that she tested him and he did 10 wpm using proper keyboarding skills and 30 wpm using his hunt and peck style. She told him (and me) that he needs proper skills because he probably is topped out at 30 wpm using poor finger positions and the right skills would help him go faster than 30 wpm (didn't need her to tell me that). My son is stubborn and it is good to hear such things from experts not just Mom.

She worked with him a bit on some writing exercises and said she would need to do more research and we'd discuss it on visit three. She also reduced the plan from one visit a week to two or even one a month if she could find some home exercises to do.
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