Started a US History Course by The Great Courses


I was looking for something to round out and make my older son's US History course more complete. Given his present challenges with learning disabilities I was not interested in loading him up with a ton of reading.

I decided to go with The Teaching Company / Great Courses course: Turning Points in American History with Professor O'Connell at College of the Holy Cross.

Because I want to learn also, I am watching each of the 30 minute lectures with my son. The DVD came with a book of notes and two questions per lecture. My son is writing out the answers to those questions. There are 48 lectures in all.

I have purchased other courses from them and will discuss them in other blog posts as we begin to use them.

One of the things I was trying to figure out was how to make a complete course from one of these DVD lecture courses. I read good advice on the forum of The Well Trained Mind's site as well as advice I got by asking a question over at hs2coll Yahoo Group.

In case you are wondering my son has already done a lot of reading of books and watching documentaries. He needs to round out his course by doing more textbook reading, especially since he is hoop jumping for the NCAA and he will also have some essays and a research paper assigned to write. His learning will be at least 120 hours before I call this homeschool-mom designed course complete.
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