The ADHD Black Book (Free Information)


If you want study based information about ADHD click this link for a free PDF book written by a doctor: David Goodman M.D.

I have recently learned that the term "ADHD, inattentive type" means what most of us call ADD, meaning, no hyperactivity. Apparently the term ADD is not being used and we are supposed to call it "ADHD inattentive type".

Boys commonly present with hyperactivity and are ADHD, and girls commonly present with ADHD inattentive type.

From The Black Book of ADHD:

"Children with ADHD not diagnosed

in childhood because they did not present with disruptive

behavior or severe academic decline may face challenges

later in life as the demands of adulthood exceed their

ability to compensate. It is at this time they may present to

clinicians with complaints of frustration, demoralization,

anxiety, and depression. Given the high prevalence rate in

children and adults relative to other psychiatric disorders,

an ADHD assessment should be included in every initial

mental health evaluation."

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