The Perfect Word For Them


There is an Italian word which I do not know how to spell (and Google is not helping, sorry). The word means "a disagreeable person". This type of person is one which is always finding fault, is never happy, always is a downer, someone who cannot seem to ever be satisfied.

The word is pronounced disagooze - dis-a-gooze (rhymes with booze). The emphasis is on the middle syllable.

That is a perfect word for some people I interact with, and there is no English equivalent.

At times lately my younger son is a disagooze.

I admit I, at times, seem to be a disagooze but when I realize it, I try to snap myself out of it.

Anyhow, I'm near the end of my rope dealing with some of the disagoozes in my life.

And if you know the correct spelling please let me know.

I love how there are some Italian words that just sum something up perfectly.
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