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The other day I google'd geometry proofs because people are chatting on a homeschool high school discussion list asking for curriculums without proofs for geometry. Honestly, I have not taught my kids geometry. (Older son is using a self-study program with Thinkwell.) I am rusty on geometry. I could not remember what a geometry proof was, let alone know why anyone would want to avoid them.

A video from Yay Math came up. I watched it. I had never heard of Yay Math.

Robert Ahdoot is a math teacher who wants his students to learn. He feels that math anxiety, fear, prevents learning. He seeks to remove fear by being googy and making his students laugh. He records his actual lectures in class and publishes them on his website and on YouTube. These are free. On the website there is a go-along worksheet that he recommends printing before you watch each lesson. This is not a full curriculum or course.

Ahdoot can pull off his costumes because he is handsome and charming, I feel. If he were ugly or uncool or nerdy or geeky (forgive me if I offend you by using those terms) he would be laughed at in a bad way.

Hearing real students ask questions, not understand, be confused, and having it cleared up in simple words, is brilliant. When watching a one way lecture, even on Khan Academy, the student may think they are dumb for not getting it. When you hear students asking questions and being confused and you do not feel confused it boosts your self-esteem and confidence since you realize you are understanding when others are not. This issues of not seeing other students struggle or work hard to understand can lead some homeschoolers to feel self-doubt.

Here is a TED-x video of Ahdoot talking about math anxiety, his desire to remove it, and introducing Yay Math:

Here is one of the videos, the one on what geometry proofs are.


Yay Math YouTube channel

Yay Math website

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